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Estera Style was created as a way for the founder, Hilary Carpenter, to share ways to live artfully every day. A trained Interior Designer, Florist and Event Designer--Hilary is constantly inspired by how to make daily life more enjoyable, beautiful and effortless.  

We're all endlessly busy--a product of our over-stimulated, technology-based society. The intent of Estera Style is to seemingly turn back the clock to a simpler time. Slow down long enough to enjoy the things and people around you; bring home flowers, buy the candle that reminds you of your favorite hotel, open a bottle of good wine, serve dinner on fine china. It's about a return (or perhaps an introduction) to a lifestyle that we may not be accustomed to--but should!  

Let Estera Style inspire you to...

  • Make your home a sanctuary {enjoy the space you inhabit}
  • Truly entertain with ease {host a dinner party without losing your mind}
  • Refine your signature look {find a style that works for you}
  • Expand your culinary repertoire {create a list of go-to recipes that never fail}
  • Learn a time-honored skill {make your own cleaning supplies, preserve fruit, infuse a tea or spirit} 
  • Explore and travel {locally and globally}

Estera Style is available for Interior Design, Intimate Events and Personal/Signature Style Consultations. Please contact Hilary at 773.209.5203 or via the contact form here.

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As the founder of Estera Events and Estera Style, Hilary Carpenter has orchestrated innovative events, designed distintive spaces and produced and curated styled photo shoots on a national level for over 10 years. 

Hilary's approach to design, along with her eye for expert detail, allow her to artfully define an approachable and personalized style for her clients. It is this ability (and exacting standards) that translate ideas and inspirations from her clients' minds into beautiful, tangible realities.